Bye Bye, Romo

Can we all say “Thank God” the Tony Romo saga in Dallas is over? It seems all offseason, all ESPN and other news outlets have been wondering where the 36-year old brittle Quarterback would play next season. The answer to that is for CBS..

Wild Card Playoffs - Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys


I, for one, am excited to no longer hear Phil Simms voice broadcasting a Patriots’ game or any other NFL game for that matter. Always hated his obvious and stupid comments and his ugly ass fucking voice. Phil Simms epitomizes mediocrity.


But why are people making a huge deal about Romo? The guy was never able to reach a Super Bowl or NFC Title game and quite frankly only had two playoff victories. And people are acting like we lost an absolute legend. People who barely want to give Tom Brady (GOAT) the credit that he deserves seem to be the first people praising Tony Romo. It simply amazes me.


In my personal opinion, I think he should’ve waited until Dallas released him and hopefully would have been able to sign with the Denver Broncos for a team-friendly contract. With weapons like Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, packaged with the best defense in the AFC that team is a Quarterback away from a Super Bowl. This is primarily the same team that won a Super Bowl with Brock Osweiler (HA!) and Peyton Manning in a wheelchair for most of the season.
I guess when it comes down to it, Romo thought it would be in best interest to retire because of all his nagging injuries. Or is he now going to use that as leverage as to why he never won a Superbowl? Well I got good news for you Tony, you can borrow one of Tom’s rings.



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