If you don’t want Richard Sherman on the Pats, you’re a moron

I’m going to keep this short. Don’t give me that homer garbage about how he is an A-hole, or doesn’t like the pats so you don’t want him. Get off your high horse. You bring Sherman here, we win a super bowl. It’s almost a lock as of this second but bring him in and the Lombardi trophy is put in patriot place tomorrow. I seriously can’t even imagine someone really not wanting Richard Sherman on the Patriots. You want to talk about charecter guys? Okay let’s go, I’ll gladly play devils advocate.
Browner- notoriously dirty player: praised for hard style in NE

Floyd- drove drunk so badly he couldn’t even speak: praised for taking advantage of a second chance in NE

Aaron Hernandez- do I even need to say anything?

Tom Brady- took a picture with a notorious wife beater in Floyd mayweather: GOD
Richard Sherman- said mean things to Tom Brady: GET THAT DUDE OUT HE DOESNT BELONG IN NE
Ya give me a break. He’s a good dude who works hard every single day, and on top of it is a total beast on the field. If you don’t want him on this team, you’re an idiot. There is no explanation other than that.



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  1. NO! Richard Sherman does NOT belong with the Patriots! Richard Sherman needs to stay a Seahawk. Sherman is the best. The best need to stay together!

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