What a Time To Be a Boston Sports Fan

Not too many fans can say that every major sports team in their city is successful. Boston fans can. Not too many cities have a Super bowl winning team, the possible number one seed in the east, a baseball team with a top five-preseason power ranking, and a hockey team who just clinched a playoff spot. Boston fans can. Oh and that’s only in the past three months.

Lets start with the defending champs, the Patriots. Coming off a Super Bowl win, what do the champs do? Go out and sign the Saints best receiver, Brandin Cooks, and sign tight end Dwayne Allen from the Colts to assist Gronk. Doing all this while not losing any major parts of the offense or defense. Last season was great, but in this coming season, it’s not a matter of WHEN we will lose, I believe it’s IF we will lose. All Patriot fans should be proud to be a Boston area fan and should be waiting by the calendar for next season to start.


Next, for the first time in years, the Celtics have a chance to be the number one seed in the east. They have a big game tonight against the Cavs to decide who will own the tie breaker if it comes to that in the east. Led by emerging superstar Isaiah Thomas, these Celtics are not the soft, ill-willed Celtics we’ve seen in years past. They believe they can play with the best players and teams in the league and have shown just that. I am very hopeful the Celtics will continue their success in the playoffs and hoist banner number 18 after this season.

Although having only played one game, I am very excited about this season for the Sox. With the acquisition of Chris Sale, and the dominance of Porcello, the pitching staff for the Red Sox will surely be great this year. Although losing Big Papi hurts, the young talent on the team is very exciting. With Xander Bogaerts and JBJ molding into franchise players, and the always-consistent play of Pedroia, this team is looking good. Also, 22-year-old Andrew Benintendi batted in three RBIs on Opening Day, which is a good sign for things to come. I believe this team will make a deep run into the heart of October.

With last night’s win over the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Bruins have clinched a spot in the playoffs. I am not a huge hockey fan, but I do enjoy watching it and of course I enjoy seeing a Boston team doing so well. With the tough defense led by big Z Chara, and the leadership of Patrice Bergeron, this Bruins team has the talent to make a run for the Stanley Cup. I am very excited to watch and see how they perform in the playoffs.


My generation of Boston sports fans have been very fortunate. Since I was born in 1996, we have seen the Patriots win all five of their Super Bowls, the Sox broke the curse and have won two World Series, the Celtics won a title after over twenty years of not winning one, and the Bruins won a Stanley Cup in 2011 for the first time in close to forty years. So sorry if you root for any other sports teams, it must be painful to watch your team lose year after year.


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