A Reality Check that no Celtics fan wanted or was ready for…

Do NOT mistake me, I may be the biggest Celtics fan on the entire planet but there always comes a time for a little reality check and there comes a time when we all have to really lay into our favorite team. Brad Stevens said it first after an awful loss to the Clippers on March 6th: “We’re not as good as our record.” That quote came flying back into relevance last night after the Cavs came into Boston and crushed all our little green hearts with a 114-91 beat-down on our C’s. It was a complete playoff atmosphere and one of the biggest games in the past three years. With a top seed in the East on the line, the Celtics sh*t the bed. I mean they disappeared. It was like a magic trick. No one, other than Isaiah showed up. Some losses you can blame on your star player not being ready to play or your top three pointer shooter going 0/11 from beyond the arc. I’ll start by bashing on the 113 million dollar man, Mr. Al Horford. He scored 12 points and had 7 rebounds. I get it he isn’t being paid to put up 25 points and 10 rebounds a game. I get that but these are the types of games we paid him for. The big experienced guy. The most disgusting stat from his night yesterday was he attempted 6 shots… 6 FREAKING SHOTS. You’re making over 28 million a year to take 6 shots? That’s bad. The next guy, Marcus Smart. I know he is the “energy” and “hustle” guy but 4 points on 1/8 shooting in 25 minutes? That is atrocious for a guy who we invested the 6th overall pick less than three years ago. Next in line is Jaylen Brown. He has looked very good this year, but WOW did he look like the rookie he actually is last night . 1/7 from the field and one of his worst performances on the year on the biggest night of the year. Some other guys who have somewhat faded not only yesterday but in the recent are Jonas Jerebko and Terry Rozier who combined for 7 points on 2/6 shooting. And probably the worst player yesterday was Avery Bradley who was absolutely awful and terrible yesterday. Not only did he play like complete sh*t but his body language and attitude seemed just as bad as his play. There seemed to be multiple times where he was arguing with some coaches and players. On top of that the former All-Defensive First Teamer had 4 points in 33 minutes. He was a team-worst -22… so bad. Not to mention Bradley, Smart and Jaylen were a combined -40. I mean these guys are supposed to be the future of the team and yes they have been great at some points but last night was bad. Last night was a major wake-up call to people who think that the Celtics are a title contender this year. I love them as much as the next guy but no they are not on Cleveland, GSW or the Spurs level. And to be honest, they are not even close. Soon they will be. And who knows what the future holds, we could pull off the greatest Cinderella story in history and get to the NBA Finals this year. Time will tell, but last night was a major wake-up call to the Celtics and their fan base.

Jack Luyrink; @jackl6392

NBA: Dallas Mavericks at Boston Celtics


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