Kentucky’s Entire Starting 5 Leaving for the Draft

This is not that out of the ordinary, to lose the majority of the starting lineup for a top tier program.  But losing all five and their sixth man will hurt the program but not a whole lot with Calipari’s recruiting abilities.

With this announcement from Isaiah Briscoe:

Most fans thought that Briscoe would be returning to Kentucky, a good guard but in a guard saturated market and league, he would be believed to have a better opportunity with an additional year in Kentucky.  He is projected to go in the late second round of this years draft.

With the announcement from Malik Monk:

Absolutely no surprise here, lead the team in minutes per game as well as points per game.  A great player that was expected to follow the new norm of “one and done” in college basketball. Monk is expected to be a top 10 pick in this years draft.

Another announcement from DeAaron Fox:

Next to be leaving is DeAaron Fox and with absolutely no surprise there.  One of the better performers throughout the year as well as being one of the bedrocks for this years Kentucky team.  Expected to go in the top 5 in this years draft.

Then we have Bam Adebayo:

This one comes at a little more of a surprise than the previous two guys with Monk and Fox but not much of one.  There is a silver lining to Adebayo with the fact he does not intend to hire an agent leaving the door open for a return.  But he is expected to go top 15 so don’t expect a return if that happens.

Finally the remaining Willis and Hawkins, the sixth man, being seniors and not giving them a choice to if they want to stay or not.  Like usual we will see a much different Kentucky team next year.  But last year they had Briscoe returning as a starter and Willis and Hawkins returning as role players.  It will be a tough transition to return to what they were last year.  That wont make much of a difference with Kentucky, no matter what they will be back to where they were.



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