Why Boston Needs Playoff Hockey.

“It’s in our blood.”… Thats the rally cry for our beloved Ice Hockey team here in Boston , and hell its a cry that runs deep and true to a majority of Bostonians for the sport here in general. We lost out on college hockey this frozen four, and we missed out on 2 near playoff seasons with the Boys In Black in as many seasons. Not only to add that this season has been a whirlwind for Bruins fans. Games in the bag starting the 3rd frame but by the end of it the B’s somehow detonated like a self destructive time bomb and head into the dressing rooms as losers. I don’t know where to start about how much this playoff season means maybe since 2011. (2013/14 is sacred ground you do not compare to that sports season in any sport.)  I mean Boston has a team but not one that will win Lord Stanley’s Cup, Especially if Marchand’s Hearing goes bad.  The B’s under performed this season and That ultimately led the door to open for Julian’s exit which I  hated so much until he went to F*cking Montreal. C’mon now Claude!, Why did you have to do that to us? You know what you meant to us. (But I do admit Bruce Cassidy has stepped up tremedously. )baby tukka

And this is Exactly why Boston needs Playoff Hockey, We as New Englanders know about the harsh winter New England has and well this is what we look forward for after every successful winter from our Boys in Black, While our Boys in Red head south for spring training. This is our opening and light from a cold, very cold , harsh stormy winter. Even though a majority of us probably did play hockey outside (i know many people are guilty of this.) WE need this more than ever. The Fans, Personnel , Players , Everyone! We as a city need Playoff hockey. Yes I LOVE THE SOX , PATS, AND THE MOTHERF*CKING CELTICS. BUT EVERYONE CAN PLAY THOSE SPORTS ONLY UP NORTH CAN PLAY HOCKEY!!!! (Sorry i did not take the chill cig today.) Anywho like i was saying only we can play hockey so its different. It truly is, and Boston without Lord Stanley’s tournament after hockey seasons is a very odd feeling no matter what we have already seen and endured as Boston fans. (Even though i was born in 94, trust me my folks burned it in me about their struggles.) The NHL Playoffs are the most demanding and rewarding in all Big 4, so when Boston wins it means a lot. More so because we are the first American franchise in a Canadian game, Boston has a long history in hockey so its only fitting for us to crave playoff hockey in April….

It’s in our blood. From the Flight Orr took to the Night The Garden Sang. Hockey has given Boston Countless Unforgetable moments. Game 7? Where were you. My point exactly you know without hesitation and this is why I argue with a fist clenched harder than Stalin. We Need playoff hockey and we got that Motherf*cker. “THE BOYS ARE BACK AND THEY LOOKING FOR TROUBLE.”



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