Bad decision making costs the Red Sox their first loss of the season

Wow, that first loss of the season really did hurt, didn’t it? Now, I think it’s safe to say that we can blame John Farrell for this one. Yup, surprise right? Nope. As usual, the Red Sox can leave it to John Farrell to make the wrong call and blow the game for the Sox. Even Sandoval stepped up when he needed to, but for what? Just to have John Farrell swoop in and mess it all up.

It really was all about the decision to put in Joe Kelly. I laughed when I heard Kelly was going to be the set up man, he was born to blow games. Lets get back to John Farrell’s logic. Hembree strikes out two of the best Tiger hitters in Kinsler and Cabrera but then walks Victor Martinez. Not too bad right? Well, that was not going to cut it for Farrell as he sent Kelly to the mound.

Kelly could just not find the strike zone. Instead of Farrell pulling Kelly after the first walked batter, Farrell decides to keep him and so he can walk in the winning run in the 8th. Apparently that was only a surprise to John Farrell, who has coached the guy for multiple years now and should know that he has a history of struggling in these situations.

Farrell’s in-game management is not the only issue that is holding back the potential of this team, it’s about injuries this nagging flu that is going around the clubhouse. Now, Robbie Ross Jr. is the only one with the actual flu, and he is on the 10-day DL with David Price. Tyler Thornburg and Carson Smith are still on the DL, naturally. Oh yeah, did I also mention that Pomeranz is still out? Hopefully we’ll see him pretty soon though. It doesn’t stop with bullpen troubles, now MVP runner-up Mookie Betts has flu symptoms and has been out of the lineup along with Hanley Ramirez who also showed flu symptoms. Boagarts is also on the bereavement list. The Sox clearly showed that hitting is not the issue, as they led the Tigers in the 8th even with the handicapped lineup that they had.

As Sox fans, all we can do is really wait and it sucks. Eventually we’ll have guys like Thornburg and Smith but until then, John Farrell better wake up and start making right decisions during the ball game, or we’ll see the consequences in the AL East standings.


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