Is Marshawn Lynch a Good Fit For The Patriots?

Marshawn Lynch in a Patriots Uniform. Photo Courtesy: Bleacher Report

Former Bills and Seahawks power back Marshawn Lynch has openly stated recently that he would like to come out of retirement and play for his hometown Oakland Raiders. It seemed as if was not going to be able to play with Oakland, he would not be returning to the NFL after all. Recently with the Raiders announcing their move to Las Vegas, Marshawn Lynch’s return has been in question. Here’s where it gets interesting.
Reports as of April 10th have stated that Lynch has interest in joining the Patriots if a potential homecoming with the Raiders falls through. The question is; Do the Patriots need or want Marshawn Lynch? It is evident that LeGarrette Blount will almost certainly not be returning to New England. Earlier this month the Patriots already brought in free agent running back Adrian Peterson to Foxboro, but no deal was signed. With this being said, the need for a power back is there for New England, and Lynch could be a good fit.

Lynch was an absolute beast for Seattle as recently as their 2014 when they took a trip to the Super Bowl against the Patriots. He would’ve almost certainly scored the game winning touchdown as well, had the Seahawks decided to run the ball. His motivation for coming back to the NFL seemed to be driven by the possibility of playing for his hometown, but could the already Super Bowl 52 favorite Patriots be enough motivation? Yes. The Patriots could absolutely use Marshawn Lynch as an any down back to get the tough yards, as long as he is as durable as he previously was. The Patriots already heavily use current backs Dion Lewis and James White, and it will be interesting to see how they use the newly signed Rex Burkehead. Lynch would fit perfectly with the trio of already signed backs and would be a nice break for Brady to turn around and give the ball to throughout the game.


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