Patriots Running back Saga

It has been a very busy off season for the New England Patriots with the large amount of additions on the defensive side with the signing of Gilmore the trading for Kony Ealy and acquiring Brandin Cooks.  But, there has not been a whole lot of discussion of one of our more important positions with running back.  Obviously, we will have Dion Lewis and James White back with the addition of Rex Burkhead.  But no mention to our dominant back style with Blount.

There has been news like:

Nothing all that encouraging for our star back that had a breakout year.

Then we have rumors of:

Obviously two very big name players, Adrian Peterson has always been a great player with notable off field issues. Then with Marshawn Lynch who has always been unstoppable and difficult to defend against.  It does not seem like there has been rumblings of AP after 8 days post visit so that is not very promising.  Also, with the Raiders to stay in Oakland for the next two years it does not seem promising that Lynch would go anywhere but his home town.

The only thing I’ll say about those two is Marshawn looks very good in a Patriots jersey.



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