Tom Brady, the GOAT

It has always amazed me, after everything he’s accomplished, some people still do not consider Tom Brady the greatest quarterback to ever play. One of my buddies tagged me in a Facebook post the other day and it was an article talking about the Patriots and potential trade moves and I began to read the comments. Pretty much all of the comments were bashing either Brady or the Patriots and they really began to bother me. One in particular stuck out to me, saying something similar to, “Brady’s lucky he had Vinatieri to save his ass in those Super Bowls.” Like seriously?

I understand Brady has had controversies such as Deflategate, but that is not a good reason to throw dirt on his near perfect football career. Sure, there may be quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning or Joe Montano that many people consider the “GOAT.” But there is a big difference between Brady and a player such as Peyton Manning and it’s a big one: POSTSEASON. No quarterback plays like Brady come playoff time. I mean absolutely no one, and I’ll prove it you.

 Brady’s Postseason Stats and Where They Rank

Passing Yards: 8,628 (1st)

Passing Completions: 788 (1st)

Passing Touchdowns: 61 (1st)

Fourth-Quarter Comebacks: 6 (1st)

Postseason Wins: 25 (1st)

Game-Winning Drives: 9 (you guessed it, 1st)

Super Bowl XLIX - New England Patriots v Seattle Seahawks

Yes, Adam Vinatieri kicked two game winning field goals, but did he drive down the field and put himself into field goal range? Nope, that was Brady. For people to take credit away from Brady and give it to anyone else is absurd. Obviously Brady’s team came ready to play, but the five championships the Patriots have won wouldn’t have been possible without Tom.

As you can see, Tom Brady ranks first in every major statistical category in postseason history, yet somehow people still don’t think he’s the greatest. Numbers really don’t lie, and Brady has the numbers to prove he truly is the “GOAT.” Oh and don’t let me forget the five super bowl rings he has. Brady still has more seasons to play and I have no doubt he will continue to break his OWN records and hoist more banners in Foxboro.



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