At the point where Tom Brady scares me with normal activities

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 6.10.57 PM.png

It’s like your heart surgeon playing five finger filet the night before performing your surgery, except this is way more scary. I’m not sure but I feel like every time I see Tom do abnormal task I get scared he’s going to hurt himself. Irrational fear or not you can screw right off and go talk to Jordan Spieth.
Tom, I get it, you like to eat and that’s all good, but use your damn chef that you pay a million dollars a year to have. Keep those golden fingers, that are probably soft as butter, away from any blade or sharp edge that could possibly jeapardize this season.
Tom, You’ll save us all a lot of worrying if you just stay in bed for the next year. I know you can’t but I’ll pretend that’s what you’re doing until your next Instagram post… then I’ll continue to be scared by your every day, normal, activities.

PS. I hate your meal plan. I went home yesterday and my mom had made an entire meal from your cook book for my dad. It was a struggle to eat it. You Keep eating it though because super bowl rings and other stuff.



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