Let’s Go Celtics…


If the Celtics are able to win a tough gutsy game against the Milwaukee Bucks, than they are awarded the number one seed. Or if Cleveland loses to Toronto which could also happen (Especially if LeBron the bitch and Kyrie sit out again). This would give Celtics home court advantage throughout the playoffs. Who would’ve predicted this in the beginning of the season?


The absolute worst case scenario would be for the Celtics to play the Pacers (which more than likely won’t happen if the Celtics have the 1 seed). I believe Paul George is a tough matchup for us and would give us some trouble. The other two potential matchups would be Miami and Chicago who we could absolutely steam roll in a 7 game series. But watch out for Indiana in the First Round.



In the second round, the Celtics will probably face the Wizards which is definitely another tough match up. John Wall and Bradley Beal are some amazing players and have a pretty solid supporting cast around them. Which could definitely give the Celtics some trouble. If the Celtics don’t play tough physical defense, they will definitely lose this series. It will take 110% effort, 100% of the time. In the Playoffs, which is not good for the Celtics, it is tough to win games with bad stretches because teams will take advantage of that.


I believe if the Celtics get the number one seed, they could definitely make a trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. Hell even the NBA Finals, if a team like the Raptors decides to knock out Cleveland. But my predictions will be out later. And to be honest I don’t think the 1st seed will really mean shit to the Celtics. I just proposed ideas all the way from the Celtics possibly losing 1st Round or going to the NBA Finals. So really anything can happen and I think it has more to do with who we play rather than what seed we receive.

That being said Let’s Fucking Go Celtics
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