Why The Boston Celtics Need The #1 Seed.

champsThe pole position, The 1st seed.. In all Big 4 Leagues this  is the most coveted playoff seed and as we see it the quest for 18 will have to resume tomorrow at home versus The Milwaukee Bucks, with  our beloved 17 time champions playing for the chance to clinch the #1 spot with one last game of the season that is a must win. The Celtics NEED to clinch the pole position for the simple fact that it’s not only going to Boost the teams morale and hype going into the post season but also giving them the easiest route to the ECF (which could also be a very well rested first couple of rounds if the C’s play the cards right.)  with the eventual meetup between the Cavs which we lost the season series to. With a number one seed it can not only raise the confidence of the Celtics but also maybe  get them to believe and achieve more. From a team that went  48-34 2nd in the Atlantic and 5th in conference that was eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs in the 2015/2016 season this game means more than a number one seed. It’s redemption time in Boston and Brad Stevens must get his troops in line.

Alas a team that clinched the number one spot should also not have troubles Against a bottom feeder like Brooklyn, and this is exactly what I saw from the C’s last night. Yes they led by 20 multiple times in the game but also  let off the gas and that’s a problem that Stevens needs to address to the team  as with the absence of scoring when IT is on the bench (Seems like the team just picks and chooses when they want to shoot with or without IT.) If the Celtics want to be respected and feared like the Cavs and Warriors they must play every game on 110% yes I agree IT is a star caliber player but I’m a firm believer Teams win championships not individual players, From IT to Brown every individual player MUST step up, And take his game to the next level. (Especially Olynk you were a no-show multiple times this season sir, you gotta step your game up.) With a clenched first seed Boston gets to matchup with either the Bulls or Heat which in my opinion I think would be a lot more beneficial especially during the playoffs to hopefully get the series done with as soon as possible and give time for the boys in green to rest before the next round as both season series versus those teams The C’s controlled the tempo of the game and won the quarters (even in the last game between Chicago, Boston lead every quarter we just blew the game.)  Not only that but a 1 seed also means one thing that pretty much is the most valuable thing to sports teams in playoffs HOME COURT ADVANTAGE, with the home court that raises chances for the team to hoist the Larry O’Brian trophy by the end of this playoff campaign. With the second best home record in the east (29-11) and best conference record in the east (35-16) top that off with a 1 seed and the Celtics look like a team that could make it all the way, (Well on paper of course) with games like last night against Brooklyn the C’s won’t win any series, they won’t even pass the first round. Brad needs some changes made and players need to be held accountable. The game was too sloppy especially for a team on a mission at home, that lead the game by 20 twice.. No I’m sorry you must  do better tighter D better shot looks. Don’t fall apart Celtics this is only the beginning. Exceeded season expectations now time to exceed playoff expectations. Boston the ball is in your court what will you do?


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