1 Down 3 to go.

Winnipeg Jets v Boston BruinsTukka MotherF*cking Rask.. You deserve a big Boston hug, and apology from me your biggest critic. For those who watched our other beloved teams sure did miss a good little evening intense skate around. Not only did you miss a great game but also a performance fit for a player like Rask who once again stepped up into a performance of a lifetime saving 26 out of 27 with the only goal in the second frame. Young Vatrano also came into the clutch which was a huge delight given this was his first playoff game (atta boy.) and our beloved pest Marchand who did not have a good game at all besides that game  1 hit? 1 shot on goal? i mean i understand the Bruins were Goose Egged in the shot department in the 2nd frame for the first time since 39′, but c’mon you’re a ELITE GOAL SCORER who did score 39 goals this season in 80 just saying… you could at least have gotten one shot in there! The game in general was a thin.. very thin line as a close playoff hockey game should be, but to win with some of the missteps the Bruins as a whole came across was huge (one huge misstep in particular -the goalless 2nd period which was the hardest hockey for me to watch this season and this is an honest statement)and so when the B’s won this game instantly they had now the best chance to  win the series so in all honesty the significance of this game was huge. To my honest surprise the Boston Bruins showed up with their big boy skates on and fought through the adversity that was laid in front of them named the Ottawa Senators and stole won on the road.For those who don’t agree , i respect your opinion but lets be honest game 1 in Ottawa was a EXTREMELY important. The Bruins are a mediocre 21-20 in away games and to be honest they haven’t been speculator in the Garden either going 21-18. So in other words they need all the goals and help they can get because anything can happen (not to jinx.) The Stanley Cup Playoffs must be taken one game at a time and in my eyes the Bruins have what it takes to take all 4 wins it needs to advance to the next round. Will They? I am not quite sure but what i am sure of is Bruce Cassidy is watching tape with his crew and i hope the players are too because i cant help but i wont let go the SHOT LESS 2nd frame not getting a goal in understandable but being shot less in the NHL is not. Granted i never played pro hockey but the quality they expect me to associate with their brand is a quality that CAN  make a shot in a 60 minute hockey game. So please i beg of you Boston Bruins please be watching the tape. The game resets to 0-0 when game 2 starts and i hope the Boys In Black feel the same way. Get the win go back to Boston and finish this series out! So you have given me hope Bruins. please do not let me down!!!!! i cant afford another missed cup my life was great when Boston brought home the greatest Playoff prize in all sports.. The Lord Stanley Cup. So why not bring another one home to Boston!


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