Isaiah Thomas and the Celtics are “Locked In”

After recently receiving the number seed in the east, Isaiah Thomas tweeted today: “I’m out social media (peace sign emoji). Locked in!! #CsUP”

The Celtics will take on the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the playoffs with the series starting Sunday night in Boston.

With a fully healthy lineup, this Celtics team is looking good heading into the playoffs. Isaiah Thomas is one of the top scorers in the league and is ready to lead this team to the Finals.


The Bulls are going to be a tricky test. Although underperforming this year, the Bulls have the talent to flip the switch at any moment. With superstar Jimmy Butler leading the way, and the always good play of D-Wade, the Celtics have to come ready to play night after night.

The Celtics have five players who average over 10 points per game (Thomas: 29, Bradley: 16, Crowder: 14, Horford: 14, Smart: 11). Look for these guys to lead the way. Not only are these guys good on the offensive end, the C’s play tough defense. I have no doubt we will beat the Bulls, and I believe it will be the defense that leads the way. One of the biggest factors of this Celtics team is the bench depth. If any of the starters get in foul trouble or injured, it is not as big of a concern as it might be for most teams. The depth of this team is one of the main reasons I believe they will make a deep run this playoffs.

I have not been this confident in the C’s going into the playoffs since the days of the Big 3 (Pierce, Garnett, Allen). This team has all the intangibles to beat any team they play. With IT4 leading the way, and the solid role players we have, as well as the bench play, we could be watching Celtic basketball deep into the summer.

My prediction for the first round: the Celtics will take the first two games at home, the Bulls will take one in Chicago and the C’s will take the other. The Celtics will end the series in Boston in five games, winning the series four games to one. Winning this series in five games will give the Celtics great momentum moving forward.




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  1. Mike D says:

    Bold prediction! I hope you’re right

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