NBA Playoffs Prediction

First Round Match-Ups:

1 Celtics /8 Bulls

The Bulls are able to get a couple wins against the C’s but IT and company find a way to advance to the second round. Celtics advance after an intense 6 game series.

2 Cavaliers /7 Pacers

The Pacers succeed to handle LeBron with Paul George but the mismatch of Kyrie is tough for them to control. I got the Cavs in 6 games. Overall tough series for them.

3 Raptors/6 Bucks

Raptors take down the Bucks 4 games to 2 in a somewhat interesting series. The combo of Lowry-DeRozan-Ibaka are too much for the Bucks and Giannis to handle.

4 Wizards/5 Hawks

Wizards are able to use their star power of John Wall and Bradley Beal to power over the Hawks. Dwight finds success in the paint but in the end the Wizards defense finds a way to stop him after a 5 game series.

1 Warriors/8 Blazers

Warriors clean sweep. 4-0, the only hope for the Blazers to win a game in this series will rely specifically on if Damian Lillard has himself a hell of a night.

2 Spurs/ 7 Grizzlies

I’ll take another clean sweep in this series for the Spurs. It will be tough for the Grizzlies to match with Kawhi Leonard.

3 Rockets/6 Thunder

I expect this series to go 7 games and it will come down to the 2 MVP candidates on which team will win this series. I’ll take Russell Westbrook and the Thunder. I think the Thunder team around Westbrook has much more talent than the Rocket’s team around Harden.

4/5 Clippers/5/4 Jazz

I’ll take Clippers in this series but we will see if they continue their playoff troubles or not. 4-1. Jazz cannot match Clipper’s firepower.


Second Round Match-Ups:

1 Celtics/4 Wizards

Tough matchup for the Celtics, have been toughly played games all season long. I think John Wall will have a tremendous series against the C’s but I don’t think it will be enough to beat them in a 7 game series. I’ll take the Celtics in 7 in Boston. See you there!

2 Cavaliers/3 Raptors

I think everybody has seen the recent struggles of the Cavaliers. LeBron constantly complaining and just a total meltdown mentally. They’ve struggled to beat the Raptors on numerous occasions. I’ll take the Raptors, and call me crazy but I’ll take them in Game 7 in Cleveland. LeBron crumbles down the stretch.

1 Warriors/4/5 Clippers

For some weird reason, my gut wants me to take the Clippers which probably has to do with my hatred for the Warriors. I think the Clippers can potentially use their advantage down low to win some games but I’ll take Warriors in 7. Their 3-point shooting will power them through this series.

2 Spurs/6 Thunder

Tough matchup for Westbrook against Kawhi (potentially), so I’ll take the Spurs in 5 games. Although I do believe it’s possible for a Thunder upset, more than likely the Spurs will come through.


Conference Finals:

1 Celtics/3 Raptors

The Celtics always seem to struggle against Toronto even though they are a better team. And in the end the better team will win. Toronto will have just played a hard long series against the Cavaliers and will be tired. Brad Stevens will use this to the Celtic’s advantage and play an up-tempo style of basketball. Celtics win another tough series 4 games to 3. Celtics will be back in the NBA Finals!

1 Warriors/ 2 Spurs

I’ll take the Spurs in 6 games, and 6 games because if it goes 7 then the Warriors will be tough to beat in Oracle. I think Pop knows they way to beat the Warriors and he will abuse it in this series. Fuck Kevin Durant and Fuck Steph Curry. The Spurs will head to their 6th Finals in the last 15 years.



2 Spurs/ 1 Celtics

Spurs vs. Celtics, who would have seen this coming in the beginning of the season. IT lights up the national stage and makes a legitimate chance for the Celtics to be crowned NBA Champions but in the end Kawhi and Aldridge will be too much for the Celtics too handle. After a tight fight from the Celtics, the Spurs win the series in 6 games. Gregg Popovich proves he does not need Tim Duncan and is handed his 5th NBA Championship. The Spurs are on top of the basketball world again (See Patriots)


Now I doubt this will all happen accordingly. Maybe it’s just me hoping for someone other than LeBron James or KD/Curry winning a ring. It would be nice to see someone else on that stage. But I would like to hear who you got in this Year’s Finals.
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