Playoff Hockey Is Back In Boston, and Its Fu*king Awesome

I called the Bruins in 5, thats my prediction. I called that the other day on the Scotch and Spags podcast and i am sticking by it. The Bruins didnt get a shot on net in the second period of game 1. Not a single one.

Now the fact that they won this game is amazing but there is something way more amazing before all of us. Playoff hockey is back in Boston. I mean jesus christ i was pretty much through the ceiling when marchand scored but the fact that this game has been a complete bloodbath, fought tooth and nail by both teams, back and forth, its been incredible. The third period was one of the most exciting periods of hockey i have ever seen and I’ve been in attendance at multiple stanly cup games. Im not kidding when I say that this series is going to go down as one of the most exciting in bruins history, just watch.

This city’s largest religion finally gets to show its face again…

The buzzer just went off… Welcome back playoff hockey…. welcome back.




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