Celtics vs. Bulls First Round Preview

So this is it. The 2017 NBA Playoffs are among us. Your Boston Celtics are (surprisingly) the top seed in the Eastern Conference and like it or not they have the Chicago Bulls in Round 1. There is no more imagining dream scenarios where the Celtics end with a push over first round. This is the team that we have to play so you better get used to it. Bulls are a wildly inconsistent team who have games where they look like a potential threat to make a playoff run and other times they look like a bottom of the lottery team. That alone scares the sh*t out of me. The fact that we could see this bum group of guys who play zero inspired basketball or we could see the TNT Bulls is a scary thought. If I had to predict I would say we are likely going to see the better Bulls team and while that scares me I don’t doubt that we can still get by them. Something tells me that D-Wade is going to snap the guys into shape for the series. One key thing that the Celtics need to figure out is: who is going to step up and take some of the weight off of Isaiah? Will it be Big Al or Avery Bradley? Someone is going to have to because you know damn well what will happen now that the playoffs are here. Teams are going to send 2 guys at IT4 and make him work his ass off for every bucket he scores. Al Horford is the key to this series and the playoffs in my eyes. If he can step up and score from 17-20 a night then we should cruise. Also Isaiah does need to keep his incredible season going. The Celtics are significantly worse when he is taking his rest on the bench. They need his historic season to live on through the playoffs if they want the success that Celtics fans are imagining. There are also two major things that we need to take care off. One is rebounding as the Bulls are a top 5 rebounding team (now mind you this is before they traded Taj Gibson). We still need to take care of the boards as this is likely going to be vital in this series. The next thing is (this is a big one)… DO NOT LET D-WADE TURN BACK THE CLOCK. Last year Dwayne helped his team almost pull off a big time upset over the Raptors. Last year when the playoffs came around he averaged 21.4 ppg. The Celts need to be sure that he does not get going or this series could end up being way too close. My final prediction would have to be Celtics in either 5 or 6. I think that they take care of business and end this series fairly easily but who knows. As we know anything can happen in the playoffs.NBA: Boston Celtics at Chicago Bulls


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