4 Year Anniversary of the Boston Bombing

To many people in America, April 15th is known as tax day. However, to Bostonians, this day marks the anniversary of the infamous Boston Bombing. Everyone knows the general story of this day BUT not many have heard the story that J-Scotch and myself had. This is our story:

It was a beautiful Patriots day in 2013 with lots of sunshine and smiles. Scotch and I had the week off from school and not a care in the world. Just like any other person from the Boston area, we had to do something in Boston with all of the people there for the marathon. So, we did what we enjoy most: going to a Red Sox game. With the marathon taking up most of the streets near Fenway, it was only smart that we took the T to the game. Before 2:49 in the afternoon, it was a fantastic day. Scotch and I got to see Mike Napoli hit a walk off double off the Green Monster. Needless to say, it was a great day at that point. On the way home from the game, our moods changed drastically. On the green line just under Copley Square just before 3 o’clock, the train we were on shook a little bit. Scotch looks over to me and said “I didn’t know there are speed bumps on the T.” After a few more minutes on the T, I was scrolling through twitter and all I could see are tweets saying there was a bomb at the finish line of the marathon. I couldn’t believe it. After that, every train had to be evacuated immediately because of a possibility of another explosion. Once we got to the streets of Boston at Government Center, it was pandemonium; people were crying and there were a lot of emergency vehicles. Scotch and I then tried to call our parents to get home but the FBI had turned off cellular towers in the city. In other words, we were sitting ducks. After about a half hour of being disconnected from the rest of the world, we finally got in touch with our parents. Eventually, we walked to Cambridge and got picked up safely.

Although no direct harm came to us, this event still shook us to our core. Everything I cared about the next few days circulated around the Boston Bombing. I remember staying up all night and listening to the Boston and Watertown Police radio on the night when the Tsarnaev brothers murdered officer Sean Collier. I remember being in a Buffalo Wild Wings and the news announcing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev being captured in a boat in Watertown. I’ve been in BWW during a lot of great sporting events but I had never seen the place so full of joy and cheer. That week was tragic and chaotic for those in and around Boston but it ultimately brought us all closer together. That same week, the Bruins and Red Sox had some of the most inspiring tributes and moments.


In the end, love trumps hate and that is exactly how Bostonians handled the Boston Bombings. After all, the Tsarnaev brothers cannot dictate our freedom because THIS IS OUR FUCKING CITY.


Thank you to all the first responders and volunteers for their dedication to our city in that dark time.

Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers are still with all of those victimized by the bombings and events that came afterwards.

R.I.P. to Martin Richard, Lu Lingzi, Krystle Campbell, and Sean Collier.








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