Myles Garrett or Mitch Trubisky?

Rumors are starting to surface about the potential selection of Mitch Trubisky with the first pick by the Cleveland Browns. Is it me or does this happen almost every single year?

When Draft coverage starts, all the experts tend to claim that there is no way that a QB will be taken with the first pick. Yet they always seem to be the first two selections. This year, I personally thought it would be different with the overall poor Quarterback choices. But this would be a TOTAL Cleveland Brown fuck-up and I love it.

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Don’t get me wrong Trubisky is 50x better of a Quarterback than I will ever be. But with only 13 college starts against minimal competition and for a guy who didn’t jump off the charts statistically, it’s hard to imagine that he will have any sort of success in the NFL. And doesn’t the name “Mitchell Trubisky” just sound like a Cleveland Brown QB bust name (see Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Johnny Manziel). I would love to see the Browns fuck up again with the number one pick.

Another thing, wouldn’t it make more sense for them to trade for Jimmy G at that point? The man excelled in his first 2 NFL starts and had much more successful numbers in college. Call me crazy, call me bias but Cleveland is fucking stupid if they make this move.

Jimmy G.jpg

With sure-fire NFL All-Pro in their grasps in Myles Garrett and Cleveland even thinking about selecting Trubisky is ridiculous. But then again it’s just good sober fun seeing the Browns just totally make a terrible decision for their awful organization.

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