Jones vs. Cormier Rematch, Schedule It For July Right Now Dana!!!

Jon “Bones” Jones’ suspension ends in July and Daniel “DC” Cormier just defended his belt two weeks ago against Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. The timing is perfect for DC to defend his belt against Jones for the Light Heavyweight Championship in July. People have said to let Jones knock off the ring rust by facing a lesser opponent first. But why? I don’t want them to fight to watch the fight. I want them to fight for the months of shit talking leading up to the fight.

When these two fought back in January of 2015 they gave us some of the best press conferences, interviews, tweets, you name it. People were watching this fight without ever watching a fight before. It was because they got into a shoving match with a couple punches being thrown at a press conference in Vegas.

It was because they were caught on hot mics on ESPN giving us some of the best trash talking the sport has ever seen. I’m not sure if I would even call it trash talking. Trash talking is something you do to hype yourself up for the sport, this felt personal.

They were supposed to have a rematch at UFC 200 in July of 2016 but days before the fight Jon Jones failed a drug test which led to his current suspension from the sport. But before he was suspended they both gave us some great entertainment.

When Dana White informed DC of Jones’ failed drug test you can see how much he wanted this rematch.

After DC’s title defense two weekends ago he was asked about Jones in his post fight interview.

“He’s a good fighter, but he’s not eligible. When he gets his academics together, he can come back to the classroom.”

Everyone wants this fight to happen and we want it to happen now in July, as soon as possible! The longer Dana White waits to make this fight official the less time we have to see them go at it outside of the ring, and to be honest, that’s the better part of the show.


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