Just Some Thoughts About The Bruins Tonight.






Honestly I wont dedicate much but a few thoughts until after the game but here is the questions going on in this guy’s attic.


  • Can Tukka Rask replicate a game 1 performance at home knowing the woes that come with playing at home this season.
  • Can we actually defend Boston? Can The Garden once again be the NHL’s most intimidating arena?
  • Can the depleted defense help Rask?
  • Krejci are you gonna play?
  • Is it worth the risk to be
  • to be physical and potentially have a star like Marchand fight and get a game ban?

These questions are ones that i hope get answered tonight because honestly after the Celtics did not take the Bulls serious enough until too late into the game, I cannot have another playoff lose in a row.

Bruins The City Of Boston is 1000% percent behind you we will make sure the Garden rocks tonight just please show up.

Oh by the way McAvoy don’t let Tuk get to you his death stare can’t be too scary c’mon the guy looks like a friendly Reno cop with the stash and a kid without it.


Love ya Rask my boy.


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