People try their hardest to hate on Boston and it’s hilarious 

Being at the top means you have a big target on you at all times. So when it comes to a city and their sports teams, Boston has had their fair share of being number one. This comes with a hefty price to pay as whenever a Boston team plays, they are under heavy scrutiny. Even when a team puts on an amazing performance, some people still find a way to hate to a point where it just becomes sad.

When the Patriots were losing badly in the first half of the Super Bowl, most of the tweets/posts I saw were not about the Falcons and how well they were playing, it was all about shitting on the Patriots. Most Atlanta fans weren’t even talking about their team and decided to troll the Patriots instead and look how well it turned out for them. If there was anything more satisfying than White’s final drive into the end zone, it was going back on Twitter and seeing all the shit talkers become absolutely silent. You would think after making one of the most amazing comebacks in history and putting one of the best games I’ve ever seen, people wouldn’t have anything else to say, but I’m constantly getting proved wronged. Looking at the meme posted above, someone was still salty enough to somehow find a way to criticize the Patriots even after they won.

A similar case occurred when the Cavaliers took back the number one spot. Did Cavs fans celebrate their team? Nope! Instead, they took to hating on the Celtics as expected and man did it backfire. I could go on and on about this subject as there are many examples of this, but I digress. The Bruins and Celtics have important games ahead of them and you will most likely see a lot of hate whether they win or lose. With that in mind it’s important to remember, all of this hate is a small price to pay for constantly being the best.


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