Is instant replay good for baseball?




In 2008, Major League baseball implemented the use of instant replay to review “close” calls.  To start, the calls were only to be reviewed by the umpire’s crew chief.  The umpires would seemingly disappear for a few minutes into the umpires room  to discuss and review a call based on video evidence.  Throughout the years, the instant replay tool has been expanded and evolved, and essentially seems to be a part of the game now.  But is it good for baseball?  The topic could be debated back and forth both ways for hours, and plenty of points could be discussed to defend both sides.  Seeing players after a play stand on the field in a slight delay takes away time and speed of the game.  In 2017, they have now tried to create roughly a 2-minute window for the umpires to review a call based on either a manager challenge, or an umpire review.  Sure, instant replay could help in the sense of preserving a no-hitter that comes down to a last out, just ask Armando Galaragga. The Detroit Tigers starting pitcher appeared to have a no hitter on a last play ground ball in 2010, only to have it ripped away at the hands of Jim Joyce, who simply made a mistake, like all humans do.


To me, one great part of the game was to see a fired up manager come out of the dugout to dispute a call, and get tossed minutes later to a standing ovation from the crowd.  All seems tamed now because of replay, and we do not get to enjoy the likes of a Bobby Cox, or Lou Piniella telling the manager what he REALLY thinks of him.  Year in and year out, the replay system seems to be more advanced in order to help the game of baseball, but aren’t missed calls part of the game?  If anything, give the managers a red flag so we can see how far they can throw it onto the diamond before the next pitch, such as football.  Maybe that can provide some excitement to it.


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