Josh Gordon to the Patriots

Had the chance to read a Mock Draft today that started off with an interesting three team trade between the Patriots, Saints and Browns. And it made me a little horny.

Josh Gordon.jpg

The Patriots would receive Josh Gordon, the number one overall pick, and a 4th Round Pick. The Browns would receive Jimmy G, Stephone Anthony, the 11th overall pick and a 5th round pick. While the Saints would get Malcolm Butler, Cody Kessler and a 2nd round pick.

From the Patriots side of things, I fucking LOVE this trade. I have always been a huge fan of Josh Gordon, especially when he actually played. He played like a Top-5 NFL wide receiver. Malcolm Butler, while has some talent, I believe is one of the most overrated players. He’s made some huge plays for us but to me it’s all about the scheme. Cover 2 sets up cornerback success and I believe it would be somewhat easy to find a replacement. Unfortunately, Jimmy G would have to go but with the way Tommy has been playing the last few years who knows when he would hit the field.

As I’ve stated before the Cleveland Browns are notorious for making iffy decisions. Although this trade may somewhat workout for them, their organization sucks and would somehow fuck it up. I’d also like to note that North Korea is the Cleveland Browns of the World. LMAO



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  1. 19smokey67 says:

    The only thing that would be different in my opinion is the Pats getting that 12th pick but I can’t see Cleveland giving up the #1. As a Pats fans even at #12 instead of #1 I say make that deal and bring in SuperBowl trophy #6 bitches !!!

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