Aaron Hernandez dead at age 27

Aaron Josef Hernandez, former NFL Star for the New England Patriots, was found dead at the age of 27 in his cell this morning. Reports have indicated that Hernandez hung himself in his prison cell. With previously been found innocent on two murder charges, many people will question why he did it or if he did it?

Since the beginning of this process when Hernandez was arrested on the murder of Odin Lloyd on a humid July morning at his home. Everyone will remember the scene of him with his White T-Shirt on and handcuffed. Personally in the beginning I always thought Hernandez was innocent and that it seemed like he was framed. Why would a 40 million dollar man commit such and evil crime?

As time moved on, the more guilty he looked. It seemed as though the murder charges were piling on and Hernandez would never get out. Earlier this week he was found not guilty of a double murder due to the testimony of Alexander Bradley being taken out of the question. His appeal for another murder charge was about to be brought to the courts in the upcoming weeks. This could have possibly made him a free man so why did he do this?

On one side of things, you have the possibility of all the pressure and tension getting to Aaron Hernandez’s head and he snapped. All the murder charges, all the scrutiny of his possible Hall of Fame NFL career, all that just got to him and he couldn’t handle it anymore.

Or another possibility is that he was murdered by another inmate. Personally I think it is very possible this happened. Has anyone seen Prison Break? This show has caused forever questioning every situation. What if someone had set Aaron Hernandez up and wanted him to be eventually killed? What if they saw a moment that Aaron could possibly be free and needed to capitalize on the opportunity?
Something scary to think about.

The World will never know the truth about the Hernandez murder cases and because of that I think it’s appropriate to wish the family peace during this time. At the end of the day a baby girl will live without her father for the rest of her life. RIP Aaron Hernandez.


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