Life Is A B*tch & Aaron Hernandez Learned The Hard Way

I know you’re probably already sick of how much coverage you’re seeing about Aaron Hernandez, but I wanted to say what I have to say because I believe there is an important lesson we can all learn from this. Life is a bitch, and no matter how rich you are, how famous you are, or physically fit you are, you are not untouchable. Let me also state that I feel no sympathy for Aaron Hernandez, he murdered a guy in cold blood and now leaves behind a four year old daughter. Say what you want about Hernandez but there is no doubt his story was a sad one for everyone involved.

I must admit I was a huge fan of Aaron Hernandez. Having a major athlete like himself come from Connecticut was so inspiring and gave us something to brag about for the first time, that was nice while it lasted. Even though he blew off UCONN in a field they needed help badly in, he redeemed himself by coming back to New England. Being from Connecticut is also a factor that I believe played in everything that occurred. He was incredibly famous, rich, and a great player, but for some reason he felt that he needed to keep up his reputation as some sort of thug, which is an attitude I see a lot of over here and it produces some horrible results as you can see here. 

In conclusion, there are no winners in this situation, only a lot of people who lost loved ones.

P.S. I’m fairly certain Aaron Hernandez was murdered. If you’ve ever seen OZ (great show btw) you’ll know that most prison suicides were actually murders that were covered up as a suicide. Also, athletes were given special treatment and you can’t say that Hernandez wasn’t getting some favors in a Massachusetts prison after playing for the Patriots, they probably treated him like a god. He also just beat a double murder conviction and had an appeal coming up for his life sentence, so why would he commit suicide? I don’t know just thought I’d give you guys something to feed your conspiracy theories.


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