What The Hell is Going On In Boston?

The events that have happened  in Boston in the last 3 days have been 1. Confusing, 2. Demoralizing and 3. F*cked up. I still couldn’t grasp the blown calls during game one of the Celtic’s Playoff opener before I was also elbowed by Ryan also , in which he then proceeded to score the game winner versus the Bruins. Then before I could get over those two nightmare’s and the worst non call in recent playoff memory We get the worst showing at home by the Celtics once again in recent memory. For some reason The best Playoff hype in recent memory for both of Boston’s arena institutions quickly turned for the worst then quickly morphed into a really shaking disaster. The Bruins started off great then dropped 2 in a row one of which was the lost in the Garden that was truly demoralizing for the simple fact Boston came out in full force never once did the Garden go silent. even 3-0 down you heard the chants saw the flags waving, The huge banner moving along the crowd and it just felt like you were in a European soccer environment. Our Bruin fans did a phenomenal job supporting the team and they returned the favor by not giving up and forcing OT. Which then the game was robbed by Ryan and his now “Boston target” Elbow, and hopefully that gives them a enough spark to come back and win game 4 tonight. Now as for the Celtics…. I am shook and I do not know what to think. First of The one player we needed to stand up did stand up even with a tragedy he suffered, while the rest of the crew have done nilch. Rebounding is not even in our arsenal, bad shot selection is our game and Olynyk is still shooting low percentage shots and missing most layups like he just started the game, something needs to change with this Celtics team next game or honestly its over this team has not only gave this Bulls team life and the Home court advantage but also the confidence that they can and could very well beat us. The Bruins series is very well savable, The Celtics though… no they are in a deep,deep hole with no way to dig themselves out while Rajon Rondo is looking down at them in that long deep hole smiling knowing the Celtics cannot stop who Playoff Rondo is just in case they forgot about his 5 years of service to us, I am defiantly not saying its impossible as we saw earlier this year with The Pats, but it is going to be a really tough battle for them as they have yet played the one heart beat rhythm brotherhood basketball I was raving about before the start of the series, to getting the boards they missed and the defense missed, to the shot selection that has been mediocre at best (a horse game has better shot selection and that tells a lot.) to great defense,but not only great defense its the physical hard playing  GREAT defense that need to be played because I tell ya the way Chicago has bullied Boston is despicable especially bullying them on the home Freaking court. But not only has the Celtics disappointed me but also the Celtics fans in attendance who left during the fourth yes I know we were down 15 in the fourth and I know its been a difficult series in both sports but when we need our team they are here for us , So therefore when they need us even with a 1% chance to win in the fourth We as a City that claims to be the best Sports City in the world   need to stay and bite the bullet with them. You don’t see the Players leaving to go to the locker rooms. WE SHOULD NOT EITHER. So hopefully game 4 tonight in the Garden is rocking like it was two nights ago with the Bruins prevailing and hopefully game 3 has the Celtics finally come back to life and get back on track but until then Whats going on in Boston guys ?img_1383.jpeg


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