What Is Going On Celtics?

The Celtics entered the NBA playoffs on a euphoric high after clinching the 1 seed and that has now been replaced with all time high of disappointment as they drop the first two games and find themselves down 0-2 in the FIRST ROUND! Not to mention both of those losses coming at home.

Honestly, this Celtics team playing right now looks like they wouldn’t even run the court at a local YMCA. Now I know the tragedy that happened to Isaiah Thomas and his family may be playing a role in the overall energy level and spark of the Celtics team, but it doesn’t seem to slow IT down much. Plus if it were me, I would look at this as something to play for. I’m not going to lose because I want this for IT and his family. But that’s just me I guess.

Entering the series the Celtics were 2-2 against the Bulls in the regular season but beat them by 20 in the last regular season match-up. In those four match-ups the Celtics averaged about 100 ppg as a team and in the first two games they scored 100+ points once and lost that game. Which raises another question. Do the Celtics have anyone that’s not softer than baby shit on defense besides Smart, Crowder and Bradley who clearly aren’t going to defend in the post? The Celtics are getting out rebounded by 11 rpg by a Bulls team whose big men are Robin Lopez and Felicio. I didn’t even know Felicio was relevant on the Bulls until this series (maybe because I only watch the Celtics but oh well.) Not only that, but Lopez is averaging 6 offensive rebounds per game… SIX! He averages more rebound on offense than he does on defense and to be blunt, that shit is pathetic on the Celtics part. Then to add the icing on the cake, the Celtics are allowing about 109 ppg to a Bulls team that might have as much offensive firepower as the 76ers. (Ok maybe a little more but you get the point.)

Now we probably can all agree that this Celtics team wasn’t going to beat the Cavs if they met up in the Conference Finals since they damn near lost by 25. But to be down 0-2 in the first round to the 8 seeded Bulls? C’MON MAN!

If the Celtics want to win this series or even make it close heading into Chicago, they have to stop being soft and start playing for something other than themselves like IT and honestly, just don’t suck!

Dear Celtics,






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