Another Chris Sale Gem, Another Shit Show of Offense Behind Him

In case you forgot, Chris Sale, the GOAT of Red Sox pitching himself, took the mound today for the Red Sox in the last game of the series against the Toronto blue jays. And in Chris Sale fashion, he struck out 13 in 8 innings giving up ZERO runs and will receive yet another no decision behind a piss poor offensive performance by the Red Sox. Yes, they ended up winning 4-1 in extra innings but that’s not the point.

Coming into today Chris Sale had a 1.25 ERA with 3 starts with only ONE win, a loss and a no decision. When you add 13 strikeouts and 8 scoreless innings, his ERA is now 0.91. Chris Sale has given up 3 runs in 4 starts and racking up 42 strikeouts during that stretch. The only pitcher with more in Red Sox history? That would be Pedro Martinez.

How does Chris Sale only have one win? Because even though his last name is Sale, the poor man can’t buy any runs of support from his team. The Boston Red Sox “offense” suddenly becomes a baseball team from a school for the blind and can’t hit or score runs whatsoever. Since the offense can’t score any runs, he has gotten a TOTAL of 3 runs of run support. 3! In 4 starts! That’s unbelievable to think about. Which leads me to think this guy has got to be the biggest dickhead in the clubhouse. So my theory is they must just not like the dude. There’s no other explanation. Honestly though, I could care less if the clubhouse likes him because he’s the greatest thing to happen to Red Sox pitching since Bronson Arroyo and his cornrows.

Look at this, when he’s on the mound he gets no run support. As soon as he comes off the mound, the Sox explode with runs like they’ve been holding them in until Sale gets off the mound to get the win. It happened with the Pirates in extra innings where Sandy hit a 3 run bomb and it happened again today where Mookie Betts hit a bases clearing double with the bases juiced to put the Red Sox up 4-1 which would inevitably be the final score as the Red Sox do win in extras.

Look at Rick Porcello, he won the Cy Young with a plus 3 ERA and 22 wins because of the run support he got start after start. Where’s that for Sale? Good question but I can’t answer it because I have no idea. All I know is at this rate, Chris Sale may be lucky to win 10 games with a sub 2 ERA on the year.

I am ecstatic that the Red Sox won but at this point I honestly just feel bad for Chris Sale. So Chris, on behalf of the Redsox, I apologize for the lack of offense that you get when you pitch.





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