The Food Must Suck at Alcorn St

Today eleven Alcorn St football players were arrested for their part in a brawl that broke out in the campus cafeteria. This is like something you would see on a daily basis back in high school, but not a college campus. In college you are just trying to enjoy your meal plan before your next class. When something like this happens you just try not to get knocked out while trying to get away. You see guys getting thrown on tables, chairs flying, and even condiments flying. This is a fight that would make Vince McMahon proud.

After the cafeteria fight, it spilled out into the parking lot as well. You can see they are fighting in front of a campus police officer’s car and he is just sitting there watching the whole time. When watching these homemade fight videos I always like to look for the guy who is pulling their shorts up while talking crap. Those are always the guys who are going to throw the throw the first punch. You always feel bad for the guy who is getting jumped by like four or five guys too. They almost always get stomped on while on the ground. This seems like a good scare tactic for the football team coming off a 5-6 year. The rest of the SWAC will be put on notice if they beat the Braves this year. I blame the cafeteria workers for this fight. If the food was good then everybody would be in a good mood.


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