The Future of the Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox are off to a pretty hot start through their first fourteen games, posting a 9-5 record. Many guys on the roster have been extremely hot in the month of April, mainly the young guns. Mookie Betts, Xander Bogaerts, and especially Andrew Benintendi are the driving force behind the early success. All three of these players are twenty-four years old or younger (Metts and Bogaerts are 24, Benintendi is 22). Losing a seasoned veteran and one of the best hitters to ever player the game in Big Papi really left a hole in the offensive lineup. But these three guys have picked up the slack and have delivered big time this season so far.

A very awesome fact about Mookie Betts, is that he has had 128 consecutive regular-season plate appearances without striking out, a feat that has not been accomplished in over a decade.


Betts and Benintendi, along with Jackie Bradley Jr, anchor the outfield for the Sox. A few players also rotate in and out of the outfield, but the Red Sox really like Betts and Benintendi out there.

Benintendi was the top prospect this past year, and he hasn’t disappointed with many experts predicting he will win the American League Rookie of the Year Award if the solid play continues. Benintendi played less than 70 games in AA ball, before quickly making the jump straight to the Red Sox last August. This kid is the real deal and has a very bright future for this ball club.




I am a big fan of the way Xander Bogaerts plays the shortstop position AND the way he swings the bat on offense. It may hurt some die hard Sox fans to read this, but Bogaerts reminds me of a young Derek Jeter. He has crazy range and doesn’t make a lot of mistakes. On top of his great defensive play, Bogaerts is one of the top hitters for the Sox and has been for the last year or two. There is no ceiling on how good Xander Bogaerts can be at shortstop.

Keep an eye on not only these three young stars, but the rest of the younger guys on the Red Sox lineup this season. Many teams rebuild with younger players similar to what the Red Sox are doing now. The only difference: these young Sox are ready to win NOW. They’re not looking to rebuild over the next couple years. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a young Red Sox team, but I really like the way they’ve been playing and I’m very excited to watch these young stars for many more years to come.



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