TNT or GarPax?

Your 8th seed Chicago Bulls are leading their playoff series against the #1 seed Boston Celtics 2-0. If you don’t think the Bulls are going to sweep, stop reading. Bulls in 4.

Where do I even start. In a year where Gar Forman and John Paxson have done everything in their power to become apart of the year to date Chicago Homicide report, the real life Bert and Ernie duo is leading us to the promise land. After an offseason where they stated it was time to rebuild and acquire youth, GarPax proceeded to go out and sign dinosaur D-Wade plus the egotistic man-child that is Rondo. Fast-forward to the week before all-star break where Wade was resting his old-man syndrome every other game and Rondo could be seen picking his nose on the bench. What could be worse than that? I don’t know maybe trading two of your best role players for some random guy named Joffory and a young unproven point guard within the same week. Now with Taj Gibson and Doug Mcdermott gone there was no possible way we could make the playoffs, right? Wrong. The 20-62 Brooklyn Nets were kind enough to sit their “starters” for the last game of the season and let us slip into the playoffs with a .500 record.

I feel like I’m forgetting something though. Oh yea. When the Bulls play on TNT they’ve won 20 straight home games. The streak actually spans back to 2013. We are talking about a modern day dynasty here. Do you guys remember when Hercules faced that one monster with the three heads? That’s the closest thing I could compare the three alphas to right now. Lucky for us we won’t have to face Hercules (Lebron) till the Conference Finals so sit down and enjoy the ride. I would recommend dropping the $75 for nosebleeds on Sunday solely in hopes that you pick up a little TNT spirit in the air.

In the words of that soft pop-star from Canada: “What a time to be alive.” Drake I just called you out, come at me bro. By the way your Raptors are getting that Free Smoke from Milwaukee. If you can’t tell I’m about a half bottle deep on wine right now and trying to figure out whether I’m in my feelings or want to fight somebody. Regardless, I have faith in Jimmy “G” Butler. The G stands for buckets.

-Jarrett Lecas




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