Wanna See A Snake Getting Choked? (Video)

First, let me give you a little background information as to what you are seeing. UFC legend Urijah Faber founded a gym in 2004 called Team Alpha Male based in Sacramento, California. They have produced great fighters including the two in the video, Cody Garbrandt and TJ Dillashaw.

Urijah Faber recruited TJ right out of high school and made him into the great title winning fighter that he is. Unfortunately it didn’t last very long, TJ felt he was much better off training with Duane Ludwig at Elevation Fight Team in Colorado and completely abandoned Team Alpha Male and Urijah Faber. This was a move completely based on money that earned his great tittle given by Conor McGregor and many other as “the little snake in the grass.” After winning the UFC bantamweight belt at Alpha Male, he went onto Elevation to train for his tittle defense against another UFC legend and one Urijah Fabers’s fiercest rivals, Dominick Cruz. A fight in which he ended up losing by decision and what must have been considered sweet justice by many.

Cruz’s next fight would be against Urijah Faber in where Cruz outfight Faber and won by decision. It was at this point where it seemed impossible that anyone at Alpha Male or anyone at all could beat Cruz, that’s where Cody Garbrandt stepped in. Cody completely schooled Cruz, throwing and landing strikes like nothing, dodging Cruz like a ninja, and even pulling off some dance moves in the middle of it to rub it in his face. Garbrandt became the first man to beat Cruz since Urijah Faber back in 2007.

Now to bring it all back, Cody is now set to fight TJ after the finish up thier season of The Ultimate Fighter. Ever since TJ left, there has been nothing but bad blood between him and Team Alpha Male, this shows as Garbrandt and TJ seem to not play nice together in the debut episode.



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