Hey Manny Machado, F**K OFF!

As if not scoring a single run, only getting a hit 6 times and losing was bad enough, now the Red Sox may be without Dustin Pedroia after Manny Machado slid late through the bag and cleated Pedey in the back of the calf. It doesn’t seem like it will be anything too serious (hopefully) but he did come out of the game limping.

If Manny Machado wasn’t already disliked among Boston fans, he has definitely moved up the list of “most hated players” by Red Sox Nation. Looking through twitter you’ll see Red Sox fans basically calling for his head saying he should be beaned tomorrow during the game. I find it hilarious actually.

This all raises the question of whether it was a clean slide or not. If it was a clean slide, it was definitely an unnecessary slide. Like dude, you were going to be out anyways so why slide late and hurt one of the most loved Red Sox players? Now you have successfully moved yourself into the position of being the most hated person by Boston fans. For real though, Machado….. Fuck off Bro.

What I did love about this situation though, is the fact that Butter (3rd base coach) got ejected from the game when he went out for the Red Sox’s turn to bat. Butter gave it to that umpire standing up for his guys, something I love seeing out of coaches of every sport. So as Machado is the most hated by Boston, Butter may be the most loved by Boston right now.

To add salt to the wound, the Red Sox lost 2-0 against Baltimore in the first game of this series. Red Sox inability to score runs is becoming a source of frustration among Boston fans. Hopefully they can figure it out offensively.




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  1. Nolo says:

    He’s definitely getting drilled today

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