Can Conor McGregor Beat Floyd Mayweather? 

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather started off as a great hypothetical scenario that filled fight fans with glee. But as each day goes by, we are hearing things that are making this fight a reality. The one factor that that can either make or brake this fight is the money that’s being made. We are hearing a lot of big number being thrown around, a potential 75 million is being thrown Conor’s way and 100 million is being thrown at Floyd. With how much money that could potentially be made, I don’t see how this fight can’t happen. Now that the question of will it happen has some sort of answer, there is another huge question on everyone’s mind, can Conor beat Mayweather? 

Floyd Mayweather has got to be one of the greatest if not the greatest teachnial and defensive boxer of all time. So if this fight happens, I personally think he will continue with his usual game plan of just scoring points and not getting hit. If this is the case, this fight will simply go down as another boring boxing match which isn’t anything thing new. Now as an MMA fan, I have a huge bias that leans towards Conor and even though I think he will lose this fight and just walk away rich, I can’t help but think there are several factors that play into this which could lead to Conor winning this match. 

First, with Conor’s natural habitat being the octagon, he went into fights with a lot on his plate. Having to fight standing up, trying to defend takedowns, watching out for submissions, etc. Going into this boxing match, he will only have to focus on his stand up and his opponents stand up, this takes a lot of pressure that he would usually have in an MMA fight and makes his training for this fight a lot easier. Next, Conor McGregor is being labeled as a major underdog in this fight which could potentially change up Mayweather’s game plan entirely. Mayweather is not usually one to go on the offensive a lot, but if he choses to do this, this will play in Conor’s favor heavily. Mayweather is not a murderous puncher and Conor is not one to go down easy from strikes. So if Mayweather decides to go on the offensive, Conor can capitalize on that chance just he did with Jose Aldo. Lastly, McGregor has had experience in a wide range of weight classes and easily adapts to whatever weight the fight is in. I thought he was crazy when went up to 170 to fight Nate Diaz but he seemed to have adapted to it in his second fight. Most likely this fight will happen at around 155 pounds which seems to be the perfect weight for Conor and is another advantage for him. 

If there’s anything for certain it’s that no matter what happens, these two will walk away with a lot of money. 


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