Boston Has A Serial Killer, Good Thing No One Cares.

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BOSTON (WHDH) – State Police say they are investigating after body was found near the Esplanade in Boston.

According to officials, the body of an adult male was found by a passerby just before 6 a.m. on the bike path near the Hatch Memorial Shell.

Officials say the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is attempting to determine the cause of death, but there were no early signs of violent trauma.

This is a developing story; stay with 7News for more information as it becomes available.


So Boston has a serial killer on the loose and I’m not sure whether to be totally psyched because its like a real life horror movie, or worried that this post is going to get me killed. Not sure. Im packing tho, so if you’re reading this, Boston Killer guy….Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 6.08.20 PM.png

seriously though, avoid me. Cool, good, glad thats out of the way. Now down to the important part. Boston Police, State Police, all the media, and all the citizens are all staying quiet on the topic, like if you ignore it, it will go away. If thats the truth, then I want to know what the total number of bodies would be if we acknowledged it! maybe like 30 or 40 instead of 6 right? **Stupid people around boston everywhere go nuts over the sarcasm**

How about we inform the public eh? Maybe let the citizens know that there is something up so they can at least be on guard for their own safety? Keeping people in the dark has lead to way more BS than allowing people to stay up to date on the truth. So @ state police, tell the people what they need to hear. We know that the trash media around this city won’t say anything, but I’m hoping you guys do the right thing soon before we start living in “Year after Boston Bombing” boston where people are terrified to turn every corner in the city.



No i don’t support serial killers, don’t be soft as elevator music. Be worried that the only real media take you’re getting in this city is from a bunch of sports writers at WTP.




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  1. I’ve been saying this for years, if it’s the same killer as all the rest he’s already acknowledged as the smiley face killer. But they are keeping it was to hush hush when it’s been over 10 guys gone missing same way and found the same way. Smh

  2. What’s with all the secrecy? We have a right to know if our sons/grandsons/brothers are in danger

  3. It has been happening for a few years now. The Globe ran an article about a year ago. I don’t know why there is not a warning issued to the public.

    1. I have been saying this for about 6 months now, that there was a Serial Killer. i figured it out alot people said i watch too much TV & that i do too many drugs, wake up call i dont do drugs & it pissed me off with people saying that, I had a feeling that was going on, if it is a Serial killer he/she is getting someone late at night after people get out of Bars, or the Garden especially when there are males 20 years old & up friends leave them behind so please make sure when you leave a bar that your not by yourself or walking at night just my opinion.

  4. I’m really fucking sick and tired of all the people on social media and a regular media acting like they knew this the whole time. There were real people like myself that have been digging into this for years decades now. I’m really glad finally people got pissed enough to pay attention but haven’t you noticed? Everyone’s to busy caring about themselves they don’t think what if that was my loved one? They don’t try to support and say kind words to their fellow man was suffering through something like a missing loved one instead every asshole that I know at least except for myself is going around thinking “guess I’ll just wait because it’s not my loved one.” Me know offense to you three people personally and I’m glad you guys care and you’re speaking up I really do, and to the guy that’s been looking into this for a while I commend you and your patience I know it’s hard I’ve been doing it for a while. I just can’t get my head around why all of a sudden people are snapping together because of one victim. I’m glad because that one victim is important and I name and the family. I guess I’m just kind of mildly insulting to people didn’t sit up and think about and come to this conclusion a hell of a lot sooner. If we had all done a little more thinking about the world and about global things in a little less thinking about ourselves and how we look online in general, perhaps Zachary Marr would’ve been the last straw and this kid, Michael Kelleher, would be perfectly safe. The reasoning they give us budgets and money for why they can investigate or why didn’t want to blow something open. Other reason they give us because the FBI I made a statement a few years ago about the whole thing and it was wildly off base. When I say while the off-base I mean the reasons they gave were laughable. If you read between the lines and you start making conclusions and actually thinking about the words and their statement we’ve got more proof that there something going on here and there’s a least a serial killer gang of small kind probably three in my opinion, operating all across the United States and killing people are objecting people on the same day a lot, maybe we believe our local government and our state government and our federal government a little bit more often and a little faster without hesitation. I love our lawn force meant I have nothing bad to say about them I truly dont, when it comes to the assholes in charge that are shutting everyone out and trying to make the problem go away does the assholes that should be confronted and held accountable. This poor kid Mr. Kelleher had no reason to die, neither did Zachary Marc. There are so many scores and scores of young men that should’ve had their lives today, so I’m glad people are waking up but it’s about fucking time no one gets a pat on the back for doing something all it takes is a little brain and some effort with the tend to keep everyone safe or especially the strangers I don’t know that make up my community. I bet anyone in that situation having a missing child or an unsolved murder and their family would be shocked if the people come out to help them the strangers. It’s time to be stopping strangers and stand up for each other because when it is your turn or my turn will either be bigger than we wear or they’ll set the example for us when it is our time.

  5. What bothers me about this article is that you have given no information to support your theory. I’m all for truth seeking but not if I cause mass hysteria in the process. You owe your readers more than a simple expression of a theory using 1 article as your four foundation.

    1. Really. Only the simple fact that for years. Guys atva game or in a bar suddenly fo missing after going out for a smoke or waiting for a ride. Then a few weeks later found in the Charles..

    2. If you google the question How many young men in Boston have disappeared and found in the water, articles will come up. I did it when I realized that a news story I heard was just too familiar and thought Jeez…isn’t that like 3 guys this happened to? Or 4? Turned out it was way more.

    3. What bothers me most about this article is the author writing “So Boston has a serial killer on the loose and I’m not sure whether to be totally psyched because its like a real life horror movie, or worried that this post is going to get me killed.” Holy crap. “…Totally psyched…?” Hoping it’s not one of his loved ones he can be psyched over.

      1. you should probably read further in the article before making your comment, then realize you’re mad over a satirical sports media outlets giving you hot takes.

      2. Not mad. I read the entire article. Still a lame and basically thoughtless “hot take” from wherever it comes.

  6. I have been thinking about this for quite sometime. But then I heard a co-worker from my past was one of the recent men and it just made me so mad that law enforcement is not announcing that this is a huge issue and could be a serial killer and for men not to walk around Boston by themselves.

  7. About 4 years ago I knew something wasn’t right cmon for over 10 years ” accidents and suicides” they have been ruled !! What’s it gonna take for the truth to come out

  8. This man was never in the water, he was on the walking/bike path along Storrow Drive. Also, he was not near the Esplanade, he was a couple of miles west, near the BU bridge. There’s some truth for you, so much for accurate reporting.

  9. This is not smiley face or any serial killer. This is not limited to Boston and not limited to this year. Everyone should read David Paulides’ book series missing 411. There are 6 books in that series and the facts around those disappearances are shocking. These mysterious disappearances and deaths have been going on for over a hundred years and all across the country. How do you kill someone with no apparent signs of violence? How does someone go missing for weeks on end, is then found in a body of water having only been there a couple days? How do small children traverse 10 miles and a 5000′ elevation change up with no shoes on and in record time? Read the books and learn something you aren’t being told.

  10. maybe the police are trying to investigate but putting everything on the media probably is what this guy wants to they are trying to solve the case by getting info ?? idk i just find it hard to believe that nothing is being done. but if they tell the people that’s what they are looking for then maybe there will be copy cat killers?? so then they can just focus on the information they have. idk just a theory…. just like all the shootings now its done a lot more because media covers it, and people want fame that killers…

  11. Maybe if Massachusetts cops focused on finding killers rather than ruining peoples’ lives over minor offenses and laughing about it, we would be able to solve this. But no, it’s all about the quota. I am SO glad I don’t live in this state anymore.

  12. Maybe if Massachusetts cops focused on finding killers rather than ruining peoples’ lives over minor offenses and laughing about it, we would be able to solve this. But no, it’s all about the quota. I am SO glad I don’t live in this state anymore.

  13. I literally went with Boston Police on a ride along showing them where a man tried to roofie and rape me near the charles in 2015 when I was homeless right after that last kid was found in the Charles after celts game and after the kid went missing outside the Bell in Hand. They said the guy I accused didnt live at that resendential address any longer he took me to to get me out of the cold and then didnt even bother to follow up with me for me to show them where he worked. O yea, dude picked me up at Haymarket station also. Right between the garden and bell in hand. Thank god I had a tolerance to Benzos at the time or I prob woulda ended up on the river as well!

  14. I believe there is a a serial killer as well. I saw an article stating that there have been over 16 deaths of men between ages 18 and 28 in Boston since 2009. Those are the ones they found. I am sure some havent been found yet, and I also notice they are finding more and more bodies of these men. None are women, hmmm, right there makes me wonder. A lot of these men that are found were last seen in a environment where they were drinking and going off alone. Also heard that 7 of them were of the LGBT community. (I have read all this stuff and done my online homework because I dont live far from Boston and I have sons that venture there with friends so I do my homework so I know they are safe) So if the Boston and State Police keep saying there is no serial killer out there they need to stop the lies and tell us the truth so we can keep our friends, sons, brothers, cousins, etc safe!!!!

  15. Who is more likely to be able to lure a young man from his friends, the bar he was drinking in ? A woman or a man? My thinking is a woman is much more likely to get a young man separated from his friends than a man ….

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