Can the Bruins Force Game 7?

Obviously, the biggest thing on all of our minds is….Do the Bruins have what it takes to force a game 7? Game 5 was probably the best the B’s played all series. Their backs were against the wall and they did everything in their power to win that game.

It was evident throughout the series that Ottawa’s forecheck was absolutely destroying the Bruins. Friday night they finally had the breakthroughs they needed to bring back that confidence that they had in the later part of the regular season. The younger guys on the team is really making the difference for the Bruins this season. Cassidy has put a lot of faith in the younger players, which Claude never did. Cassidy has done a terrific job mixing up the lines the past couple of games interchanging Stafford, Backes and Pastrnak throughout the series. It is imperative the Bruins come and play with the same intensity and tenacity today. As fans, we should all be looking forward to this game today.

Keys to Winning Game 6:

-Rask has to have an amazing game AGAIN.

-Bruins need to clog up the neutral zone and not let Ottawa make those stretch passes.

-Cassidy has to mix and match lines in order to create more offense.

-Winning the 50/50 battles in the defensive zone.

-Stop giving up unnecessary penalties.






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