Thank You Bruins!

bruins-believe -That is honestly all I can say, anger or not it was a thrill to watch playoff hockey once again during mid April cheering on My beloved Bruins. Of course I’m disappointed but why? The Bruins was a team struggling to re-find an identity  that has been gone for 1095 days and not only that the only coach 90% of this team and the major core knows in Claude Julian gets Canned halfway through the Pats parade  and Gets intermed By Good ol’ Bruce Cassidy ( which I am all for now.) only to squeak into the playoffs!- Well F*cking done Boys because you all faced adversity this season and even with adversity you managed to make the playoffs. Turning this April to Hockey filled fun in Boston, The Bruins fought hard, and they fought physically hard with the hit line exceeding over 35 hits a game the bad blood was in the arena and you could feel it during the extremely tense times ,multiple penalties over roughing or related to a roughing call (a missed called on Ryan’s Elbow) truly meant this series was a war. Of all 6 games four of them were decided by overtime while game five took 2 overtime periods itself, all were decided by one goal. Playing a team who had the advantage. Who I will add did not have a depleted defense and HORRENDOUS referee calls against them. While also botching crucial possessions and making penalties out of them with the delay of games they punched in. even for one of the best Pk units out there that is still ridiculous. But this is what you get for being the unfortunate nesting ground for the injury bug. Our rook in McAvoy looked good and he got me excited while Kuraly really showed me a hope during the darkest of times this series, despite all of these obstacles.. they took this Ottawa team to the Friggin wire. and took them EVERY SINGLE GAME now that is F*cking Hockey and i’m proud of my Black And Gold but also my fellow Fans .. because as we came out to support and support loud and clear though at times we were having an emotional breakdown WE as a fan base did what we had to on our side to help the boys out. In the end they came up short ,some can say it was the play, or the inexperience or even maybe the refs but hey smile look at the bright future this Family has ahead. It starts with keeping Cassidy while he instills his program of hockey and our vets lead the way our talented prospects will just develop the right way and keep me on a mindset I have for all my teams A TRUE BELIEVER which has turned my beliefs into the hope that within my life time I will soon see another Boston Bruins Dynasty. And a Celtics one too. (Already seen Sox and Pats) – This is why I am not overly  disappointed nor cursing the B’s. This is only the Beginning…



peace out you guys.


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