Why Manny Machado Should Have Been Hit

IMG_6167It is clear in the minds of most fans that saw Manny Machado cleat Dustin Pedroia on Friday night that the play, whether intentional or not, was dirty. Machado slid over the bag and promptly cleated pedeioa removing him from the game. Marco Hernandez started in the second basemans place today and it is unclear if Pedroia will be able to play in tomorrow’s series finalie, in which the Red Sox lineup need him more than ever. In the teams last four games, they have scored a total of six runs as a team. Three of those came off the bat of Mookie Betts in extra innings against the Jays which wouldn’t have been possible if Craig Kimberl would have been able to nail down the save. Of course Machado denied the incident being intentional claiming that he even reached over to pedrioa after injuring the Sox defacto captain to make sure he was okay. But whether intentional or not, the play absolutely needed some sort of retaliation from a Red Sox pitcher. Plays like that are almost always paid for by the player that makes the dirty play. Red Sox fans will never forget Coco Crisp charging the mound after being hit with a pitch by James Shields who was throwing at Crisp who took out Shields’ second baseman with a slide the day before that Tampa deemed dirty. There is obviously a right and a wrong way to have the situation play out though. Steven Wright should have unleashed one of his fastballs on Machado during his first at bat but the whole charge the mound aspect would have been unnecessary. Although a baseball fight like Miguel Sano’s eariler in the day is always fun to watch, there’s no reason for Wright to be ejected in the first inning. Wright could have easily just hit Machado in the lower back and Machado could have taken his base and the Red Sox would have stood up for their guy. Instead the Sox and John Farrell decided against throwing at the face of the Orioles franchise. Although I don’t think Farrell is the worst manager in the world I have to disagree with the decision to let Machado’s dirty slide go. The majority if not all of Red Sox fans would tell you they would rather have Dustin Pedroia trying to get a rally started in the ninth inning with two outs instead of Marco Hernandez (although Hernandez did get hit by a pitch). Hopefully Pedrioa gets in the lineup soon so the whole situation can be over with since it is clear the Red Sox and Farrell are not going to retaliate for their second baseman missing some time.



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  1. Nolo says:

    I would have at least made him listen to some chin music

  2. Thunderlips says:

    Did a potato write this article?

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