Now We Look Like A 1 Seed.

Finally! – The same exact word many of you said during the closing minutes of Game 4 of the First Round Series between the Boston Celtics and Chicago Bulls. ( BC vs CB..haha)

To be honest the series finally started after four games we can actually say- now this is going to turn into a series, because I can tell you I watched both games in Boston and the only player that Showed up was the player that had the most on his mind and heart. So once again I am honored to say  thank you to IT for his heroics when he truly did not even have to be in the gym.. thank you. Now those first two games at the garden were about some of the hardest basketball I had to watch in a long time. Part being was the offensive flow the Celtics had during those games which could at best be labeled middle school ball, while the other part was just horrible defense , horrible shot selection and the lid was definitely closed for any player not named Isaiah Thomas , the rebounding was non-existent but  Even our 100 million man Al Horford was looking like Al Horfraud ( note he is my favorite player.) Not saying he was going to be a rebounding  presence as he is a short center but he did not space the ball when given the chance during those 2 games and in turn that killed us with rebounding because he did not pull the center away from the basket! Well came along game 3&4 which then we say a Boston team ready for hell bent destruction and dismantle of the Chicago Bulls. Shots were made and shot from appropriate spots,  rebounding became relevant again and the defense was once again the stingy Celtics defense we were use to seeing this season. The Celtics bull dozed game 3 and took game 4. Now on the horizon is game 5 back at the Garden we go with it all tied 2-2 and in my mind I cannot be short of happy or excited because I see a team that feeds off each other no matter the obstacle and this is rare , like i said many times before this is a true brotherhood that cannot be stopped. I truly believe the Boston Celtics can make a deep run especially now that we have seen how they respond to adversity and perils of Playoff Basketball.




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