The Start/Merge

How did The Pass Line start?  How did we become WTP PL Guys?

When I initially came up with the idea of “blogging,” I didn’t really think it would go anywhere. Sure I mentioned it to my friend Brandon as we were sitting on our normal lunch hour hangouts and seeing countless posts, blogs, and videos from Barstool Sports, but it was kind of a joke when I said “How are these guys doing nothing relevant and making money?” Certainly not comparing our group to Barstool, but my immediate reaction was “why not us?” Throwing the idea out to the other three: Stoney, Rickey, and Brandon, (Drew was an expansion deal), Rickey quickly put together a website for us to start writing stories and express our viewpoints of sports, entertainment, and anything else that we wanted to talk and debate about. Going on almost a month now, we write stories and share opinions and it appears we may have found something that works, or so far at least. We currently have 1,413 page visits, and 434 total visitors, and we are getting approximately 20-30 new visitors a day.

Through our short lifespan as “bloggers”, we quickly came to the realization that, in Brandon’s words, “Sex Sells”. Three out of our top five articles based on views, have something to do with attractive women. Drew has been able to throw out ideas for DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) lineups and articles, yet we haven’t really seen the “daily” part come to fruition. Brandon seems to be slowly ramping up his work from one a week to two to three a week, and maybe even more. This week Brandon brought up the idea of a debate type article. Like First Take through words. We are hoping to continue this week to week, and expand our involvement within the page. Robert aka “Stoney” comes and goes, he is here more for moral support at the time. We got the AL Central preview out of him and a quick Final Four preview, but for now that is just going to have to be “good enough”. Starting up this page, we quickly gave the title of “EIC”, or Editor in Chief, to Rickey. I am not too sure if there is a specific reason, he does have a degree in communications for journalism and seems to be the most organized when it comes to this group. His lifelong dream was to be a sports commentator/journalist, so when you see his passion it does kind of makes you tear up and leads us to believe “We can do this!” So far I have gone with my strength which is baseball but I hope to expand outside the box a little bit moving forward, starting with this write-up essentially about us. I already have gone back and forth with Rickey on numerous grammatical errors and corrections, but that’s why he is titled EIC, he is essentially just doing his job.

Our Facebook page has roughly 80 likes/follows, and our twitter page was hovering around 30 followers before Joe Skoczylas from We The People Sports contacted us through Twitter. I guess my bias adding of Boston contacts and twitter followers paid off for now as WTP Sports is based mainly in Boston. Over the last couple of weeks, we have successfully merged with writers from Boston, Chicago, and New York. Thirty followers was nothing to write home about but you have to start somewhere, and after careful consideration(for the little bit of work/success we had), we decided to merge with WTP Sports. At the end of the day we all have our families, jobs and hobbies outside of our “unpaid internship” as I like to call it. For now, it is making our days that much more interesting, and who knows maybe we can continue to increase our page likes, views, reads, and overall awareness of what we like to do as friends, and that’s talk about sports, gambling, and everything else in life. Joe and the WTP family have been nothing but supportive in everything we do; participating in podcasts, producing ideas for shirts and merchandise, and sharing his vision for the future. We have now been able to acquire roughly 400 twitter followers, and hope to continue our growth within WTP and beyond.


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  1. Welcome aboard !!! Watch out for that Scotch kid and his buddy Bug Red. Any issues let me know and I’ll take care of it !!! Lol

    Smokey (Big Red’s dad and Scotch’s “other” dad)

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