Watch Out For The B’s!

Unfortunately, we had to suffer one of the many playoff loses the Bruins have had today. As much as it kills us, we can only look forward to next season.  The Bruins have the perfect building blocks to have a team that can be a contender for the Stanley Cup in the upcoming yars. Let’s be honest here, I am surprised The Bruins made it this far. We are still in the stages of a rebuild within the organization. I thought when Cassidy was announced the Interim Head Coach the season was over. But, to my surprise, The Bruins actually played extremely well for an extended amount of time before the fatigue and injuries caught up at the end of the season.

Nevertheless! We have so much to look forward to as fans. That being said, hopefully Vegas does not steal some of our young developing players and some of our veterans. With Pastrnak and Carlo we have the outlines to start rebuilding our top defensive and offensive lines. In the upcoming year maybe, or next offseason might be the end of the forty year-old Captain Zdeno Chara. He has been the cornerstone for the Boston Bruins a decade, but with change you have to get rid of the old and bring in the new.  With Bergeron’s leadership, the team can only get stronger and Marchand is starting to contend with the likes of Crosby and Kane on the goal scoring end. On the opposite end, Tuukka Rask is in dire  need of a competent back-up. ALL OF THE HATERS CAN HATE, BUT without Rask in net the Bruins would never make it to the playoffs. He has the highest save percentage (0.929%) out of any of the franchise’s goalies. Rask is the key component for Bruins Stanley Cup runs for years to come.

The biggest struggle this year was definately scoring goals and the ridiculous amount of turnovers in the neutral and offensive zones. The Bruins just need to add a couple more guys who can really control that neutral zone and generate more offense. The Bruins have the determination to make deep runs in the playoffs, but every year, besisdes 2011, the middle part of the season they become a completely different team, dropping points left and right. As a fan, that is extremely frustrating because we know how good they can be, but they can never produce the results that they want. They have the tools to win it is just the matter of putting everything together and adding pieces as the go along.

We should expect the Big Bad Bruins to be lifting the cup or competing for it by 2019 or 2020…

Boston Bruins v Vancouver Canucks - Game Seven


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