4 Thoughts for Celtics/Bulls Game 5…

Going into Game 5 of the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs, our one seeded Celtics have managed to even the series at 2-2 despite losing the first two at home. Looking ahead to what will be a critical Game 5 here are 4 quick thoughts on this pivotal game:


Will Jimmy Butler get the “Lebron Treatment” again?

I don’t know if I am the only one who uses this term so I will define it. The Unofficial NBA dictionary defines the Lebron Treatment as: “the act of consistently calling fouls on the opposing team when a superstar player gets the ball and absorbs any to little contact to keep them happy. The select group of guys who get this are: Lebron James, Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard” In simple terms it is kissing the asses of the stars to make them happy and apparently the league has deemed Jimmy Butler to also get this privilege. He shot 23 free throws in Game 4 and the Celtics as a TEAM shot 22 free throws. TAKE THAT FOR DATA!


Can Gerald Green take that heat he got in Game 3&4 into the next one?

Guaranteed Gerald Green will receive a very warm welcome when his name is introduced in the starting lineup tomorrow night but will he be able to keep the hot streak going? Will he be over hyped and start chucking bad shots? All reasonable questions to ask but if he can stay productive he will be the key to the Celtics to closing out this series.


What will Fred Hoiberg complain about in his post-game press conference tomorrow?

This is one that really gets me going. Not only does this guy know exactly what Isaiah has been going through this past week or so but he also knows damn well that his superstar player shot more free throws than our team combined on Sunday. And he has the nerve to come out here and call Isaiah out for carrying the ball and that makes him hard to defend? News flash pal you can’t defend him because your point guards suck and can’t handle the moment now that Rondo is gone.


Will the Celtics give themselves a chance to end the series before the return of Playoff Rondo?

If the Celtics can pull off these next two games they can avoid having to see their worst nightmare comeback. They need to take care of business because we know damn well if anyone will be able to come back from an injury ahead of schedule it would be Rondo and we don’t want to see Rondo anymore this round. Please take care of business Celtics…

Jack Luyrink





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