“Blazers in 6”

This should be the moment everyone else in the NBA starts to fear. The Golden State Warriors seem like they have finally put it all together and are becoming the super team band-wagoners hoped for. The Warriors swept the Blazers last night, winning game four 128-103.

Damian Lillard did all he could and props to him for that, but him saying “Blazers in 6,” and then not even winning one game is terrible. His supporting cast is awful, so getting mad at him about losing the series isn’t realistic. Lillard just needs to realize as an 8 seed, who barely made it into the playoffs, taking on the 1 seed, the super team of the century, that chances are you aren’t coming out on top in the series. Winning in 6 would mean the Blazers would have to win a road game against a team who only dropped five games at home all year. This is just a classic example of “think before you say,” and Damian Lillard is just another victim of bullshit super teams.

As for the Warriors, if they don’t make it to the Finals, legacies become tarnished. The only one out of the Warriors Big 4 with an automatic claim is Stephen Curry. Curry is the best shooter to ever pick up a basketball. He is one of only 13 others to win multiple MVPs. The other three need a ring, especially Kevin Durant. KD left OKC out to dry to ring hunt, and if he doesn’t win it in his first year? There will be mobs at his doorstep all summer, and yes, that’ll probably make him work harder in the offseason, but he’ll always be remembered as unable to perform when the light shined the brightest. As for Klay Thompson, he’s the best catch and shooter in the league and if he continues that path, that’s all he’ll be remember for. He’s on pace to be the next Ray Allen type, but with that second ring, he’ll exceed that and be a first ballot Hall of Famer (I know Ray has two, but the second one shouldn’t even be credited after he rode Lebron’s shoulders to victory). And with Draymond Green, I don’t know what to think. On defense, he can guard anyone in the NBA and lock them up whenever is needed. That’s his role and he knows it well. But his offensive game, or lack thereof, is an equivalent to and good bench player. For his career, he has averaged 9 points and a shade over 4 assists. If he could pick those numbers up, he could go down as one of the greatest two-way players to ever play, but as of right now, he’s one of those players that I’ll be telling grandkids about that “he could’ve been great.”

The Warriors have a cake walk to the finals with only the Spurs in their way. Their fate is in their own hand. They created this team for this exact reason and as much as I wish they’d choke it away (maybe to an Isaiah led Celtics), it would cause riots in Oakland. The Cavaliers have the only shot to truly stop them, but I don’t think Lebron can do it twice, especially after the lineup revamp. And I think the Warriors are tired of all the “3-1” jokes.

Isaac Fox



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