Sox vs Yankees is still the same 

 Anyone who expects this weeks Yankees vs Red Sox series to be a bloodbath including fights, ejections, suspensions and mitt shoving catchers is simply wrong. For starters, it’s hard to picture Sandy Leon or Christian Vazquez shoving their catchers mit into the face of Jacoby Ellsbury (although that would be amazing) or any other Yankee hitter. Since both the Sox and the bombers started being good at opposite times, the rivalry has calmed down leading some to wonder whether the rivalry is still even a rivalry. Aside from Ryan Dempster beaming A Rod, there haven’t been many fireworks in recent Sox Yankees series, and even that didn’t result in a bench clearing brawl. Although there probably won’t be a fight this weekend, the rivalry is still a rivalry.

Any true Red Sox fan will tell you that the games are different when the Yankees come to town. And now both the Sox and the Yankees are boasting strong 25 man rosters and an above average start to the season. The Yankees shed a lot of age during the offseason, saying goodbye to A rod, Carlos Beltran, and Mark Teixeria, amoung others. Instead they have gone in a much younger direction and with such players as young sluggers Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez, the Yankees look to be back in contention for an October run. Their success this season has also come from veterans such as CC Sabathia and Matt Holliday who are the expierence the young players will need to make a run at a championship.

Whether the Sox and Yankees are good at the same time or not, when the evil empire comes to town tickets at Fenway Park still sell out, and for good reason. The games are always competitive and no matter where the Sox are in the standings they are must win games. Not a single Sox fan will tell you they want to lose the 18 game yearly set to the Bronx bombers. So the rivalry has changed, but it remains in tact. Who knows, Rick Porcello is scheduled to pitch in this series, maybe we’ll get some fireworks after all after his recent altercation with Chase Headley. Whether the unlikely happens or not, Soxs fans everywhere can agree that nothing would make them happier than a sweep of the hated Yankees. The past may be over with but it will never be forgotten. The Yankees are still hated and the rivalry still exists.


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