What are the Saints doing?

The Saints made a head scratching move this last night/morning by signing veteran Adrian Peterson to a 2 year/$7 million dollar contract. They still have Mark Ingram, with whom Sean Payton has criminally misused his entire career(dude averages 4.4 ypc for his career and 5.1 ypc last year) and they were fleeced in the Brandin Cooks trade with the Patriots. Which leads me to a question? Your adding veterans but trading younger players; Is this Franchise confused?
Usually you do the opposite by building around your veterans if you think your team is close to contending and keep youth that has potential. Instead they sent Cooks off after they signed offensive juggernaut Ted Ginn Jr away from the Panthers. Pretty comparable right?Adrian Peterson has been up and down the past 4 seasons which he only played one full season due to either injuries or suspension. In my mind, Peterson is a shell of his former self, he is 32 years old and in the twilight of a running backs career.

Hopefully, their draft is better than their offseason because if I were Saints fan I would be concerned that the franchises’ arrow is pointing down.


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