Congrats Butch

Mr. Cam Neely has finally made a decision I can stand firmly behind 100% The Dropping of Associate in front of the Head Coach when referring to Bruce Cassidy the Boston Bruins new Bench General. I love this move simply for the fact that “Butch” has not only been a loyal member of the organization and its affiliate but also a new you can say shining hope for the Bruins. It’s not secret that when Cassidy took over the fans were scared because once again we lost but right after his first game , The Bruins started playing playoff caliber hockey going on a 4 game winning streak early in Cassidy’s tenure and also posting a 18-8-1 with 37 points and 3rd in the Atlantic to round off the Bruins season. Which ended earlier this week to the hands of the Ottawa Senators 4-1. Despite a losing Home playoff record i have true hope in Cassidy. For many reason to be honest, the way he coaches and manages things you can definitely see the players feel more relaxed and calm now I am not writing this article to bash Claude even though he did go back to Montreal. I am just stating facts.. Not only do the players look a lot more loose and free-flowing but I also see less pressure from our stars that do not play physical  now they can tend to their game and play more of a skill game unlike under Claude’s Reign. Cassidy is Calm and collective many times we have seen him during the OT’s and Tough Scenarios and I am liking what I see , many of you may not agree but we do have to at least agree on one thing he coached these Playoffs extremely well for a Temporary ( that was what he was at that moment of time) Head Coach. He rallied and spirited this team during the breaks and OTs, They just came up short it S*it happens its hockey. The way he Handled A injury ridden team 2nd Half of the season just shows how genius he is, this is a complete hockey coach guys, Most coaches can not recover second half of the season let alone a NEW coach after a 10 year veteren just gets canned that has instilled a style of play so long ago thats it is the only style of pro play some players on the team ever had. (imagine making a new gameplan for that and trying to instil it I would compare that to like if rocket sceince class and brain sugery class had a child that class would be the gameplan -exactly practically impossible so give the guy credit! ) and last but not least the gamble with McAvoy  and other rookies which payed off extremely well giving the kids Ice time and  Playoff time. That kid McAvoy played well and started to actually adapt to Karlsson!  Cassidy definaly  has to take and be the testament of credit to that as he was his coach over in Providence earlier in the year all of this shows this guy’s character and will power as well as Coaching Ability and I am Sold and wicked excited. SO there we have it Bruins Nation we are going to be alright we have our new Messiah we will soon be this dynasty I have been preaching . But until then


BLACK and GOLD forever



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