With last night’s Red Sox vs. Yankees game getting postponed, my excitement and anxiety has now been stretched an extra day and I am now on the level of being like a kid on Christmas day.

When I look at these two teams playing each other, it instantly brings me back to the hay day of this rivalry when I was just a little kid. I remember being able to stay up and watch the Red Sox vs. Yankees in 2004 in the playoffs, probably because my mom liked Johnny Damon who later became a traitor but nevertheless, I was able to watch them. Coming back from 3-0 is still the greatest sports moment ever and definitely in my lifetime. And then comes my favorite memory of the rivalry, V-tek punching/slapping/pushing A-fraud in the face during a game. In that moment, Jason Varitek became my idol.

Bring it back to the present and it seems as though people don’t consider this as much as a rivalry anymore. Mainly because there hasn’t been many heated playoff series or many of the players we loved hating, are now gone. But to me, it is alive and well. I HATE THE YANKEES. With that said, I would love nothing more than a complete ass whooping and sweep of the yankees by the hand of the Red Sox.

Coming into this game, this will be the FIRST time since 1996 that neither Derek Jeter or David “Big Papi” Ortiz has played in this series. Yes, those are tears coming down my face because you can’t see me. I love Big Papi. On another side note, I saw that the series is tied exactly at 83 games a piece in recent history or something like that. This rivalry is renewed and it starts tonight! As Curt Schilling says, “I could think of nothing better than making 55,000 people from New York shut up.”

Here’s a little video to get you pumped and to get the chills goin through your body

Games are at Fenway Pahk for this series against the Yankees.


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