MA High School Is Being A Bunch Of A-Holes To Students Who Want To Honor Their Friends Who Passed

So one of my writers shoots me a text today and tells me that some garbage is going down at his school over, of all things, honoring a pair of friends who passed away in 2016.

Ya, thats where this is going, a sort of slam piece on Falmouth high, in Massachusetts, for being a bunch of soft idiots over a matter that shouldn’t really be up for massive discussion given the majority of the student body is in agreement on their important day.

Heres the rundown:

The seniors want to have the graduation on the football field to honor their friends’ lives and wishes (which it’s reported that they both wanted).

The school and their third party organizer think it will be traumatizing to have that happen.



Now as for my always sought after opinion, right? I think its absolutely absurd that we live in a stupid day and age where people are worried about so many people’s feelings over doing something. Whatever happened to the kids happened and thats a total shame, and its horrible.  I’ll get this out of the way, this post has nothing to do with the kids involved. Whatever happened, or didn’t happen, I’m not defending them. What I am doing is defending what matters now: those that the kids left behind.

These friends left behind hundreds of people who were directly affected by their incident and for Falmouth high to basically make the decision on what they can handle is such a great example of how schooling basically tells kids to be independent thinkers but then make all decisions for them along the way. I don’t really write too many serious things on WTP, its a satirical sports and culture media outlet, not the local news, but this one was made as a personal request by a writer here.

Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 5.22.52 PM.png

Let them remember their friends and stop the idiotic blocking of their attempts to remember them. Dude just told me that one of the friends got like 20 grand together through GoFundMe to have the graduation without the third party group, but the principal decided to shut it down all together. Not even sure how she has any sort of right to do such a thing but I’m not going to get into the legal issues here, I do enough of that stuff in my classes. Just talking on ethics alone, come on Falmouth high… pull the panties out of your booty hole and do something right.

Let the kids who worked hard for 4 years choose where they want to have you hand them the stupid piece of paper.


PS:  I picture the scene from the lesser of the Bad News Bears where all the fans are screaming “LET THEM PLAY” and the game officials and umps are just totally overpowered.  Do that Falmouth people….do that.





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